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Thank you for all the birthday wishes over the weekend. February has always been a festive month. There’s lot to celebrate this month. Did you know that February is LGBT history month in the United Kingdom? It coincides with the 2005 abolition of “Section 28.” Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 prohibited local authorities in England and Wales from “promoting” homosexuality. It also labelled gay family relationships as “pretend”. (Does this sound familiar?)

Sir Ian McKellen said: “If Section 28 and the attitudes behind it had remained then society would still believe that gay people are second class citizens and that it is right that they should be treated as second class citizens.”

It took the United Kingdom 17 years to come to terms that we’re not second class citizens. How long do you think it will take Russia to come to the same conclusion?

Dave Lin, president of Front Runners New York, wasn’t always athletic or as confident as he is today – he also use to smoke. He joined Front Runners in 2006 to get in shape – and little did he know back then that Front Runners would become such an important part of his life today.

On President’s Day, we celebrate leadership – past, present and future. Please consider taking the lead in making this project possible by visiting and making a pledge today to make this project a reality. Make a pledge today – your credit card won’t be charged until the project is fully funded. Thank you to all who have given to date, we still have a long way to go before we cross the finish line.




Visit  to help make this project a reality.
Make a pledge today – your credit card won’t be charged until the project is fully funded.

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